Hi I'm Paisley!

Hi! My name is Paisley, and I wear many hats. I am a knitter, teacher, dog mom and grad student, as well as the mind and (stained) hands behind Horizon Fibres. 

I credit my love of crafts to my mom and granny, two extraordinary women whose creativity, talent and hard work continue to inspire me to this day. After years of growing my yarn stash and experimenting with every area of fibre art that I could, it was only a matter of time before I decided to dip my toes, hands and yarn into the world of hand-dyeing. 

My colours are inspired by my life and home in Calgary, Alberta, just a short drive out from the Rocky Mountains, as well as my core memories. While earth tones are my favourites, I also harbour a deep love of speckles and am always pushing myself creatively to come up with new colours from my cozy basement studio.

I am currently focusing on perfecting my favourite semi-solid or ‘tonal’ colourways, as these are what I make the bulk of my garments with! Periodically I will release variegated or speckled yarns which always have a special story, memory or photo that inspires the colours you see. 

When I’m not dyeing yarn, you can find me cuddling the company mascot, Oggie, furiously finishing “one more row” of my current WIP, rehearsing for a community theatre musical or having an adventure with my partner-in-crime, Henry.

I can’t wait to see what projects you bring to life!